Rosebud Chukar Farms
Setting Instructions:
Chukar eggs should be set at 99.5 F and a wet bulb of 86 F. Eggs should be placed small end down and turned 90 degrees three times a day.

On the 21st day the eggs should be placed on their sides in the hatcher. The hatcher should be set at 99 F with a web bulb of 87 F.

Around the 23rd day eggs should hatch. If eggs are to be held any length of time before they are set, they should be kept small end down, turned three times daily, and at a temperature between 60-68 F. Always be sure hands are free of dirt and grease when handling eggs.

Once hatched, chicks should be kept at 90 F for the first week and drop the temperature 5 degrees per week. Feed a good starter 28-30% protein.

Chukars are bad about piling, so eliminate all corners to solve this problem.

Good luck!